Batch mixer

The stability of raw material humidity is one of the main parameters which affect the pellets quality and the die’s resource.

The batch-mixer is the optimal equipment that can stabilize the stress on the equipment under the conditions of heterogeneous material structure and diversity of sources of its origin.

This equipment was developed by Promill during many years of experience in installation and operation of pellet mills.

The special design of the rotor blades makes possible to homogenize the material prior to feeding in the pellet mills and to improve the efficiency of the process and significantly reduce the stress on the elements of the pellet mill.

The main advantages of batch-mixers developed by Promill’s specialists are compactness, ease of maintenance and complete automation of the process. The model range makes it possible to effectively integrate them into any technological process and connect up to three pellet mills to a single plant with a total capacity of 15 t/h.

Automatic humidity stabilization system

The humidity stability of the material fed to the pellet mill has a direct impact on the quality of the pellets. Often, as a result of the influence of various factors, the material after being in the stoker warehouses enters the pellet mill site with a humidity which is below the required parameters.

The automatic humidity stabilization system is designed for preparing raw materials before pelletizing and ensures optimal operation of the pellet mill. The automation system provides well-timed water injection through integrated nozzles, based on the readings of built-in humidity sensors.

If it is necessary to add binders to improve the pellets quality, the equipment provides a portioning device with a buffer hopper.

The body is made of steel. The scope of delivery includes a water supply manifold, including an injection nozzle, manual valves, connecting tubes between each valve, and a longitudinal inspection window. The outlet with a flange is adapted to the inlet channel of the pellet mill.

The rotor is equipped with adjustable stainless steel blades. The installed power of the main motor is 15 kW.