Drum dryer units

Drum dryers combine optimal dimensions, simplicity and reliability of the undercarriage, the highest strength and structure endurance. In most cases, this is the most economical solution for drying biomass with an optimal price / reliability ratio. Drying occurs due to direct contact of sawdust with hot air.

The material to be dried is loaded between the heat generator and the rotating drying drum, and surrounded by hot air is passed through specially designed drum chambers and mixers.

Based on more than fifty years of experience in design and production of drying units, the company has developed the three-pass drying drums technology.

Air drying with simultaneous exposure to air, with the help of the blade system and the drum rotation allows drying products with different particle sizes and humidity at different air flow speeds and guarantees a stable humidity of the final product.

Advantages of three-pass drying drums:

high efficiency

capacity up to 60 t/h

low operating costs

compliance with standards for emissions of pollutants and dust

compact size

easy of operation